Engagement Ring Set

Wedding ring, eternity ring and engagement ring set all custom made to match. This trio of rings creates a wonderful bridal engagement ring set to symbolizes an eternal bond and commitment.

All of D&K’s engagment rings can be made to match your budget, for more information please get in touch
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Engagement Ring Set - Details

An Engagement Ring Set can be produced at D & K over a period of time. It is not necessary to purchase them all at once but rather it is something which can be built upon over the years of a relationship.

The Engagement Ring is the first ring to be given in the engagement ring set. This ring is the most powerful universal expression of true and everlasting love, and an essential part of the marriage ritual, across the globe. The Wedding Ring is worn next to the engagement ring to further confirm and declare the couples life long commitment to each other. Finally for those lucky lady’s the eternity ring may be received to make the trio of rings complete.

D & K can create a fabulous engagement ring set for you. We will ensure that your engagement ring is accompanied by a perfectly fitting wedding band and eternity ring designed and made to suit your specific requirements. This ensures that the finished rings make a striking Engagement Ring Set where the engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring work together without detracting from each rings’ individual beauty.

Even if you already have an engagement ring and would like to make a wedding band or eternity ring to compliment it, D & K can design and create the perfect accompanying ring.