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Genuine Pearl Necklace

This Genuine Pearl Necklace has delightful 14ct yellow gold ball catch. This cultured pearl necklace is available with a white gold catch for those who prefer white metals.

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Genuine Pearl Necklace - Details

This genuine pearl necklace is a superb piece of jewellery as the 14ct yellow gold clasp/catch adds an extra feature to the piece. The yellow gold ball can be worn to the front or the side of the neck should the wearer wish to highlight the rest of their gold jewellery. However, should the wearer require a plain genuine pearl necklace then the gold ball can be positioned at the nape of the neck. This in turn creates a simple strand of pearls. A great versatile neck lace which looks magnificent on the neck.

A pearl neckpiece is a timeless classic. From the ancient times the pearl has been coveted as a true gift from nature. Unlike gem stones which the earth creates and man perfect, the pearl is perfected by nature. It appears in nature in a form fit for jewels. The pearls shimmering iridescence is alluring and appealing and makes a perfect adornment.

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