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Engagement Proposal Ideas N.Ireland

Engagement Proposal Ideas N.Ireland

Great thought has been put into finding the perfect engagement ring and then the question often arises ‘How do I propose’? Trying to come up with great engagement proposal ideas within N.Ireland may seem daunting. Sometimes it can be hard to find a balance between romantic and cheesy, classy and tacky or simply planning a fabulous surprise without ‘breaking the bank’! Also, every person is different and it is so very important to find an appropriate proposal idea to suit the personality of your beloved.

Where can I propose?

The brilliant thing is there are numerous beautiful and romantic places just on our doorstep. So without having to splash the cash and fly somewhere you can plan a romantic and memorial engagement within N.Ireland. The great thing with getting engaged in Northern Ireland is that you can visit this special place anytime in the future and remember the day you decided to marry one another.

What has Northern Ireland got to offer? Romantic Engagement Proposals in N.I.

There are lots of breath taking places in N. Ireland. Wonderful Beaches, The Causeway Coast, Carrick reed rope bridge, Marble Arch Caves, The Glens of Antrim, Lough Erne, Sperrin Mountains and Mourne Mountains to name but a few. Discover Northern, Ireland has actually composed a list of 20 top romantic locations so this might be worth having a look at.

Engagement Proposal locations Ideas N.Ireland

  • Do something memorial like climb the Slieve Donard Mountain and then dip your toes into the ocean at Newcastle finishing up with a spa treatment and dinner.
  • A day spa treatment could be arranged as a treat for your fiancé and then the ring could be presented at the end with some bubbly and chocolate
  • There may well be a very simple yet special place important to you both such as a local restaurant where you had your first date or even as simple as the Church you hope to get married in
  • How about something quirky and cute like visit Cultra Ulster Folk Museum and propose in the quaint little church situated in the themed little village
  • If your intended is interested in something in particular such as jazz, theatre, movies, fashion, food etc then try and look for a suitable event which is on in Northern Ireland. Such as Belfast Film Festival, City of Derry, Jazz Festival, Bluegrass Festival in the American Folk Park.
  • If outdoor activities are your thing and you are both adrenalin junkies then perhaps the Jungle NI or Todds Leap would be the perfect destination where you could enjoy Zorbing, High Ropes etc. What about a Maze and have the ring proposal at the very centre?

Well once the destination is chosen what do you do then? Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking...

Creative Engagement Proposal Ideas N.Ireland

  • Make a dvd of photos and music which is important to you both and have it delivered to her
  • Have a card designed and made with the proposal written inside
  • Design a personalised calendar or diary and have a month already written on it ‘planning our wedding’
  • Make a story book/scrap book of all the times you spent together full of concert tickets, weekend breaks, famous nights out etc and have the very last page ‘will you marry me’?
  • Create a treasure hunt with the final clue being ‘will you marry me’ or else a clue leading her to the ring
  • Lay out LED lights to read ‘marry me’

Foodie Engagement Proposal Ideas N.Ireland

  • Have the Chief write on the plate – will you marry me or Mrs...?
  • Ask for a trio of deserts and have the engagement ring as one of them
  • You could actually do some cooking and after a romantic meal present her with the ring
  • Have an Easter egg iced with ‘will you marry me’
  • Get a Cupcake baked and iced with glittering ring on top
  • Buy a luxurious box of chocolates and have the ring placed in one of the spaces
  • Buy a kinder egg open it really carefully hide the diamond ring inside it and then put it back together. Pretty hard work but what a surprise when she finds a dazzling diamond ring inside!!

Weekend Break Engagement Proposal Ideas N.Ireland

  • Inside a pillowcase so that when she puts her head down to go to sleep she finds the sparkling engagement ring
  • Write it in sand or snow ‘will you marry me’?
  • Book an indulgent overnight stay but pretend it is to somewhere totally different for a boring reason such as work comittments or football match etc
  • Have a fabulous bouquet of flowers waiting in the room with a card asking her to marry you. If you are brave enough you could place the engagement ring inside the bouquet. The only problem is you need to make it safe and also that she can find it!
  • Order room service something like cocktails and have the ring delivered with them.

Christmas Engagement Proposal Ideas N.Ireland

  • Trinkets on a tree at Christmas. You can even get some great boxes which can be personalised with an inscription.
  • Put the diamond engagement ring inside a cracker or even put a little slip of paper in the cracker asking ‘will you marry me’
  • In the bottom of a Christmas stocking is also a cute idea. Have the stocking laden with small little gifts with the last gift being a diamond ring.
  • Put the engagement ring inside a totally unrelated box of something unromantic (digital photo frame or mobile phone). This can then be wrapped as her Christmas gift. The best part is seeing her expression before and after she finds the ring.
  • Fireworks display on New Year’s Eve or even at Halloween if she isn’t into all the traditional things
  • Write it in the snow – even scrape it on to the window of her car

Hope this helps with engagement proposal ideas in N.Ireland!

Getting engaged is such a happy time filled with the promise of all that is yet to happen in your life together. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful time.