Engagement Rings

Surprise Engagement Ring

Steps to help choose a Surprise Engagement Ring:

  1. Listen to all tips you might hear from your other half – not your partner’s friends as quite often Chinese whispers happens and you could purchase the wrong ring
  2. Watch how intended reacts to friends engagement rings as this will give you clues to the styles of ring they like
  3. If you must ask for assistance from a friend only include someone extremely trustworthy as you don’t want them to spoil the surprise
  4. Finger size – how to get the fingers size is the tricky question –find an old ring which fits as this will guide the jeweller. Perhaps someone else have the same ring size etc However, a good jeweller will be able to resize or resolve any issues if you have misjudged finger size
  5. Finger shape is important – Take note of this as a long finger suits an entirely different ring from a short one. Again the jewellery will be able to advise accordingly.
  6. What is your partner’s sense of style – quirky, conservative, traditional, adventurous etc. This will be useful when selecting a ring.
  7. What other pieces of jewellery do they wear? Have they a favourite piece and would it need to compliment it?
  8. Spend what you can realistically afford.
  9. What if I choose the wrong ring? Perhaps it is worth checking what the stores’ return policy is should need to exchange the ring for something more suitable