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Sapphire And Diamond Ring

Something Blue – Rectangular cut sapphire surrounded with round brilliant cut diamonds in 18ct white gold. The delciate diamond setting and striking blue sapphire creates gracious diamond ring.

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A fabulous Sapphire and Diamond Ring is a striking combination of precious stone. Sapphire, measuring 9 on mohs scale, is relatively hard wearing making it a suitable stone for a ring.

Sapphire is a great choice of precious stone for those who’s skin tone suit cool tones. Lady Diana choose a beautiful Sapphire and Diamond ring as her engagement ring in 1981 when she became engaged to Prince Charles. In 2010 her son (William) proposed to Kate Middleton with the same sapphire and diamond ring. Diana’s sapphire and diamond ring, which she had chosen almost 3 decades previous, was a winner with Kate Middleton. Kate Middletone was delighted with the sapphire and diamond ring when she said ‘yes’ to her dashing prince. This story highlights the fact that while a sapphire and diamond ring may not be the height of fashion it is always fashionable. Associated with wealth and royalty a beautiful sapphire diamond ring is sure to catch the eye of onlookers and make the wearer feel like royalty!

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