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Two Tone Patterned Band

A yellow and white gold patterned male wedding ring. One of many wedding ring styles available at D & K. Get in touch and we can make an appointment to see the range of rings in stock.

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Two Tone Patterned Band - Details

A tone tone ring is frequently a popular option with men who are undecided as to which colour of metal they prefer. It gives the wearer the best of both worlds. This two tone rings goes one step further and offers an impressive design concept. The white gold and yellow gold are textured to reflect the light when the wearer moves whilst the yellow circular detail joins the gold colours together. In this ring you can see that the item is actually made from 2 different pieces of gold. It is a proper two tone ring not a yellow ring plated with rhodium to create a two tone effect. A quality ring for the gentleman in your life.

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